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Order Catering

$14 per person

10 person minimum

You Will Get All !!!

1. Main dish (see below)

2. Two(2) half pitas, Whole Wheat or Regular

3. Hummus

4. Green Baba- charred eggplant puree, basil, tahini, garlic  


                 Babaganush- charred eggplant puree, tahini, lemon.

5. Tahini sauce 


                 Curry Tahini

6. Mediterranean Salad- cucumber, tomato, parsley, red onion, olive oil, lemon

7. Lemony Cabbage

8. Majadra Rice- basmati rice, lentils, fried onion, cilantro  ($1.50 extra)

Main dishes (choose up to 3 dishes, minimum 10 orders per dish)

1. Falafel- Made from chickpeas and greens, 4 falafel balls 

2. Shawarma- marinated grilled chicken, hints of lamb, charred onion 

3. Grilled Chicken

4. Beef Seni'ya- ground beef, cilantro, cumin, harissa ($1)

5. Shakshuka Meat Balls- beef meat balls cooked in Shakshuka stew ($2)

6. Chraime Salmon- fresh Salmon cooked in sweet & hot red peppers, lemon, cilantro (2)

7. Moroccan Pulled Chicken- Pulled chicken, tomato, red pepper, onion

7. Butter Beans Masabaha- sage, tahini, garlic 

8. Chickpeas Masabaha- charred eggplant, chickpeas, tahini, curry